Day of celebrations in the house Satispay. Two goals in the space of ten days, each one evaluate which is more important than the other: 1 million users reached 550 million euro donation to the Italian Civil Protection, accumulated in the space of 10 days. Two medals of merit that one of the main european startup can pinning to the chest, celebrating – despite the ominous moment – the incredible growth of the idea.

Satispay: 1 million active users

After passing from the short to the threshold of 100 thousand merchants, now here is the million active users. A million of people, however, that in these days, are appreciating in particular the philosophy cashless instrument because it allows you to pay merchants without any contact, any transfer of money of hand to hand, without any possibility of contagion. Suddenly, the dematerialization of money has come to incarnate a new and unexpected, hygiene and health, and in this Satispay if he’s a protagonist on the Italian market of digital payments.

Dario Brignone, Alberto Dalmasso e Samuele Pinta

Dario Brignone, Alberto Dalmasso and Samuel Pinta: the founders of Satispay

The increase of payments recorded in this period of “lock down” is now in the order of +30%, demonstrating the appreciation of an audience concentrated in particular in the north of Italy (where the revolution of Satispay has begun).

It is a milestone that we wait for, and for which we work, from time. It would be nice to be able to celebrate all together in the company and not in this situation of forced separation, but perhaps it is important that this result has arrived right at this moment, to have a practical demonstration that our efforts and sacrifices lead to great results. To reach a finish line waited for so long also leads us to reflect on future goals. The next threshold in terms of customers is in our mind 10 million, but in addition to the numbers is critical for us to stop and think about how the world is evolving, especially for recent events, and ask ourselves how Satispay can simplify more and more the life of the people, in Italy and in the rest of Europe, to become the financial instrument most used of our continent

Alberto Dalmasso, CEO Satispay