Netflix has welcomed promptly to the appeal made yesterday by Thierry Breton, the european commissioner for the internal market, the managers of the main streaming platforms, with telephone operators and end users: during the emergency COVID-19 requires the responsible use of the network to avoid an overload that might compromise the performance of essential activities, such as teleworking and health services.

The company led by Reed Hastings has confirmed that it will begin to reduce the bit rate of all the content streamed in Europe. The measure will be operational for the next 30 days. According to official estimates, the measure will allow to reduce by 25% the data traffic of Netflix on the european networks, while ensuring a quality of service defined good.

Thierry Breton, commented very positively on the decision of Netflix:

I welcome with enthusiasm the prompt action that Netflix has implemented to ensure the smooth operation of the Internet during the crisis COVID-19, while maintaining a good quality of service. Mr. Hastings has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity. We’ll keep in close contact to follow the evolution of the situation.

Timely measures are required of all parties in this period can affect the operation of the Network, including end users to whom Breton yesterday, it asked to activate the playback of the streaming videos in SD when the HD resolution is not required. Stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus leads to an increase in network traffic due to (also) to the streaming video: to have a parameter of reference, it is estimated that in the last weekend of the increase at world level was equal to more than 20%.