Today, Oracle announces availability of Java 14, confirming their willingness to abide by the roadmap that includes a new release on half-year basis. Several novelties included in the latest version of the Development Kit (JDK), with the objective of meeting the needs expressed by developers and businesses.

Java 14: available the Development Kit

Among these, also Pattern Matching for instanceof (JEP 305), Records (JEP 359), and the second preview of Text Blocks (JEP 368). You add language support for the expression of the switch, the API unpublished for the continuous monitoring of data JDK Flight Recorder, the availability of Z Garbage Collector and low latency for Windows and macOS. So Georges Saab, Vice President of Development Java Platform for Oracle, commented on the news.

Java 14, is a further confirmation of the benefits offered by the six month release, which allows developers to access functionality that would have otherwise waited for years. Not only JDK 14 includes a series of new features that will improve the productivity of developers, but also the first important content from projects, such as Project Panama, with an improvement of the API Foreign-Memory Access (JEP 370), and continuous improvement from Project Amber, with Pattern Matching (JEP 305), and Records (JEP 359). These improvements testify to the hard work on these innovative projects.

In the communiqué, the joint editorial Oracle underlines how the release Java 14 is the result of a development process is carried out involving every player in the sector and passing through an open review, with build week.