Among those who have chosen to join the initiative Solidarity Digital to give a hand to companies that are adopting the formula of working agile (smart working) during the emergency coronavirus there is also the King Magician.

Solidarity Digital: Valarea for smart working

Is offered the free use of the platform for the smart working can be accessed from any device (computer and mobile) with features that are useful for the management of video conferencing, a whiteboard connected , share ideas, chat for messaging instant private or group, creation of webinar, recording sessions, and so on. Interested parties can activate a free premium account on the official website and then access the service via browser (Chrome or Edge) to the address or through native applications for download on Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Windows 10.

Solidarity Digital: all the services

The rest of the offer of Solidarity Digital is available on the website of the initiative up-to-date every day from MID (Minister for Innovation, technology, and Digitalization) and the AgID (Agency for digital Italy).