Samsung Pay is dressed in black with support for the Dark Mode @BitFeedCo.

Despite the support for the Dark Mode has been added, initially from Samsung in its ROM, and then, in a more general way, by Google with the Android operating system 10, there are still several applications that have not been updated to support it. One of the last that has received the update with the support for the Dark Mode is Samsung Pay.

The app for mobile payments, Samsung has received an update in the past hours that allows users to adjust the theme according to their preferences. On smartphones with Android 10, this preference may be configured in such a way to follow that system (just like WhatsApp).

This is certainly not a novelty that revolutionises the way we use the Samsung Pay. However, it is still a good addition, but you’d expect a little bit before.

For those not in the know, the technology behind Samsung Pay makes transactions highly secure and, since they require fingerprint or scan of the iris, in order to be authorised, it is certainly more secure debit card / credit card.

The security of transactions and data, our paper takes place thanks to the following step:

  • identification by means of fingerprint, scanning of the iris or PIN
  • the tokenization of the card data of a payment that, in this way, never appear in the transactions, nor are they stored on the device
  • data security through the security platform, Samsung Knox, integrated

In case you have not yet received the update notification on your smartphone, just click on our link below which will take you directly to the dedicated page on the Play Store.

  • Samsung Pay | Download


Samsung Pay is dressed in black with support for the Dark Mode @BitFeedCo.