Amazon has updated the rules for the management of supplies in the us market and the european (Italy included) with a provision that came into force yesterday (march 17), and which will remain valid until 5 April the next – unless it is extended. The goal is to temporarily give priority to the products of the first necessity that arrive at the logistics centers of Amazon in these weeks and are characterized by the emergence of the Coronavirus. The new measures apply to both third party vendors that sell through Amazon, both to its suppliers. The company confirms the rise of online shopping and the exhaustion of essential products:

We saw the increase of online purchases and, accordingly, some products such as products for the home, and medical supplies are exhausted. For this reason, in our logistics centres, we have decided to temporarily give priority to these and other products in great demand, so you can receive, restock and ship more quickly to customers.

For products other than these, we have temporarily disabled the function of creating a shipment. We are adopting the same measures vis-à-vis suppliers

Most of the products to which Amazon will give priority in the following categories:

  • Products for early childhood
  • Products for health and home
  • Health and beauty and personal care (including equipment for the care of the person)
  • Food and care of the house
  • Commerce, Industry, and Science
  • Products for pets

It is correct to clarify that Amazon will continue to sell even products that do not fit into the categories described above, such as electronic products, but you may experience delays in procurement , and consequently in shipments in the coming weeks. It is expected that these effects will occur not in the immediate because Amazon clarifies, turning to the third-party vendors (link in SOURCE):

  • The shipments that were created before 17 march will be received
  • If the product is already in transit and/or is located in our logistics centre, you can continue to sell it

The same principles apply to supplies that Amazon receives for the products it sells in the first person (i.e. only the ones sold and shipped by Amazon).

In fact, there are and will be (with the shipments earlier in the day yesterday) , stocks of non-essential goods that can be purchased and shipped as has been the case until now, but the delivery time may, however, dilate (also for the shipping First). Some examples of orders of non-essential assets made between yesterday and today (march 18), all with shipping First: in some cases, the delivery takes place regularly in a day, the other is fixed in the middle of next week.

Amazon has begun also to inform the customers about the possible expansion of the delivery times with a message posted on the official website:

The other obvious effect of the measure adopted, is that it will be less difficult to buy necessities through the store on Amazon – a circumstance that is especially pleasing in the weeks in which you are prompted the Italian people to remain at home to prevent the spread of the virus SARS-Cov-2.