The Italian Government has launched extraordinary measures by which the tlc will be able to strengthen the network infrastructure by ensuring the proper provision of the services. We’re referring to the maxi-decree Care Italia, approved by the Council of Ministers and unlocking of the fact the 350 billion euros to combat the emergency Coronavirus.

The article to which you refer is the no. 78 – “Measures to the operators who provide the networks and services of electronic communications”. So we read in the text:

Measures to upgrade infrastructure and to ensure the provision of electronic communications services capable of supporting the growth of consumption and the management of traffic peaks generated by the need to carry out activities (smart working, e-learning) or to spend their time in the house (information, communication, entertainment, online purchases) using the Internet or traditional voice and data services.

The internet traffic under WiFi connection. strong growth in Italy, especially in the areas that have been affected by the Pandemic (see the published data from OpenSignal on the North), and is likely to increase in the course of the next few weeks. For this reason, from the date of entry into force of the decree until 30 June 2020, it has been established that

  • the suppliers of networks and electronic communications services “undertake measures and carry out any useful initiative to enhance infrastructure and to ensure the functioning of the networks and the operation and continuity of services”
  • the providers of electronic communications services “shall take all the necessary measures to strengthen and ensure uninterrupted access to emergency services”
  • the suppliers of networks and electronic communications services “to meet any reasonable request for improvement of network capacity and quality of service users” (with priorities assigned to the most urgent cases)
  • the suppliers of networks and electronic communications services “to ensure upgrading and maintenance of the network in compliance with hygiene rules and security protocols of anti-contagion”

What, then, does this to us consumers? With the article 78 of the decree-Care Italy you want to speed up all the procedures (bureaucratic red tape, especially) to put the providers of networks and services in the best conditions to strengthen the infrastructure. In other words, the aim is to speed up the work in the yards of the existing, to open new ones and to allow its citizens to be based on a network the internet fast and reliable.

The massive reliance to the ways of smart working and e-learning, alongside the ever-increasing need to stay in touch with loved ones via your smartphone, tablet and PC, it is putting a strain on the existing network, and the new interventions will enable the population to access the web and its services at the same time contributing toinnovation of the Country.

All these actions will move in the direction of the reduction of the digital divide in the respect of the rules on competition and must not weigh economically on the Italian families.