Open the doors of the modding for the Samsung Galaxy S20 @BitFeedCo.

The developers of Samsung have officially released the source code of the kernel of the various smartphones belonging to the Samsung Galaxy series S20. Specifically, there are 6 different source codes of the kernel, each dedicated to a relevant model both in its Exynos version (the european one) and Snapdragon (the USA).

The first step to bring a smartphone inside the world of modding is, without a doubt, the release of the source code of the kernel. In fact, it is the main piece to better optimize the ROM, and the various customizations with the hardware.

The release for the Bike G7 is great news also because the smartphone has been equipped, from the factory, of Android 10. This means that you can count on the Project to Treble, wanted by Google to simplify the release of updates and, in an indirect way, to make it much more easy the development of Custom ROMS.

From the point of view of the users, the source code of the kernel does not have any direct utility, since they can’t be used if not as described above.

At this point you need to wait for the team at TWRP releases its own version of the Custom Recovery in order to have all the pieces necessary to delve into the world of modding.

In case you’re interested in downloading the kernel sources of the new top of the range Samsung Galaxy S20, you can just click on this link.

Waiting for the first developer to the benefit of and release the first custom ROM, I want to remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has been “stripped” from iFixit, with a result that will do little pleasure to those they would like to repair it in the house in case of problems.


Open the doors of the modding for the Samsung Galaxy S20 @BitFeedCo.