Look at this map:

Mappa downdetector

This map is not, as it may seem, a map of the contagion in Italy. The Coronavirus is the cause, but it is not a map on health problems.

The map of “our” sins

This map, rather, it is the map of “our” faults in the last few decades in the relationship with the broadband.

This map is the result of all of the times that the investments have been made to flow elsewhere (yes, we want to remember the 50 million of Italy.it’s free and easy punch to the stomach), managing innovation as a vane, pre-election from the stifle to the ballot box opened and stored.

This map is the picture of a country that for decades has refused to bet on digital betting on the television model that has armored balances economic, and political power instead of embracing the bet of the change.

This map is the defeat of all those who, with laces and regulatory barriers, have limited competition, have made the “market failure” the very idea of innovation and have taken profit from this bet to the downside based on the proclamations regularly disregarded.

This map is the perfect photograph of two decades, the tracking of broadband without ever heal the wounds of the digital divide, without ever embrace a true vision, without ever believe it really – especially at the political level.

This is the result when the pressure is rising, and for a particular occasion, you’ll find the italians to be forcibly closed in the house, ready to embrace their digital devices to find an alternative to the sad prospect of long weeks of the window.

This is the map of all malfunctions on the broadband fixed network recorded by Downdetector within the last 24 hours. The traffic has increased, of course, but not doing anything to fill a gap that was always linked to the scarcity of resources. Those who said that the problem is not scarcity of supply but lack of demand, sees it go up in smoke his fig leaf, leaving a view of the guts.

The infrastructure does not hold. And luckily, we are not equipped for smart working and e-learning, because otherwise the network would be to collapse due to the force of things. But when you tell them that so there was no question, remind them of when that little virus came and put us in front of the reality of the facts. Ricordateglielo when the video call jumping and hypothesise that more sophisticated instruments would not have had sense. Ricordateglielo, and remember this when we vote in a real fiber network, a real network of 5G and a true vision of the future should not only be promises, but the architrave around a political project technology, ethics and culture.

Ricordiamoglielo. Ricordiamocene.