As we all know by now with the latest measures approved by the government, we can move only to a “proven business needs or situations of necessity or for reasons of health”, and then for the entire period of the emergency, we will have to adapt and change our habits and to stay at home as much as possible.

Go out to buy groceries is always possible, but with due care, observing the precautions taken by the operators, we have been assured that there is no need to stock food because the shops are always stocked. There is no limitation for the transit of goods: all goods, not only those of first necessity, can circulate on the national territory.

With regard to the purchase of goods, other than food, only in case of strict necessity, and then only for the purchase of goods related to the primary needs not rimandabili.

Some chains of supermarkets such as Esselunga, Conad, Carrefour, Coop and many others are enhancing their structure to increase home deliveries and increase online purchases. Some of them also offer discounts and delivery priority for older customers with more than 65 years, therefore, more at risk.

Even giants like Amazon are making efforts in this direction by introducing services grocery shopping with home delivery managed separately from normal products.

Amazon, which at the beginning of the crisis had interrupted the deliveries for too many orders received in a day, also introduced in Italy the Amazon Pantry service is reserved for registered First (which provides a fixed cost shipping of just $ 4.99), which allows you to be able to do their shopping by purchasing products in packaging for daily use such as food and beverage, personal care products, for the care of the home and products for animals.

Safer online shopping

If the alert is for the national Coronavirus encourages the use of shopping online, you need to be careful in providing your data and especially your credit card in order to avoid traps business rather than real scams, that are always around the corner.

In order not to run risks, it is good to follow some tricks, how to evaluate the security of your purchases and choose the banking tool that is most suitable. Use the prepaid cards for online purchases is one of the solutions to be preferred, as it is a tool that is practical and safe, especially when you want to limit the damage related to theft or card cloning.

With a prepaid card, cash withdrawals and purchases may not exceed the amount of pre-load.

What prepaid card to choose?

The most convenient and flexible, without the costs of management and committees, such as, for example, the Paper Revolut, a prepaid card that is distributed throughout Europe, which is actually a digital account can be managed directly and completely by using an app for smartphones and tablets Android or iOS.

The most outstanding feature of this paper is the multi-currencyfor purchases made in a country with currency other than the euro, you will benefit from the use of the local currency, without conversion, that is, without additional fees.

The account Revolut offers a IBAN code GB for the SEPA credit transfer is also provided a number of british account for outgoing transfers and incoming directly in pounds. the data needed to send and receive bank transfers all over the world.

The account Revolut also allows you to put aside a bit of money with the option Piggy bank. Power saving modes are two: it Rounds the pennies and the Transfer applicant. The first round spending by automatically shifting the “rest” in the piggy bank, in the second you choose instead to transfer periodically and automatically a certain amount.

Only to the readers of newsletters, ordering a paper Revolut and depositing 10 euros, you will get directly into the card account in an automatic bonus of additional 10 euros and you can order the physical card with no shipping costs.