It was held in these hours, waiting for a conference call between the administration Trump and some technology companies such as Apple to talk about the measures to be adopted in the optical coronavirus.

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The conference call was conducted by the Chief Technology Officer of the United States Michael Kratsios, with the participation of companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Twitter. During this meeting at a distance, Kratios has asked companies to coordinate efforts to remove all malicious content and fake related to the coronavirus and present on various platforms

The administration Trump also wants technology companies to help the community in other ways, for example by using their technical skills to help people struggling with the coronavirus. The White House is planning to publish a database of all research related to the coronavirus and has prompted technology companies to help medical researchers to analyse it with the help of artificial intelligence. In addition, the White House has also asked the technology companies to “provide to the government all the data that can help track and manage the spread of the virus“.

Finally, the officials of the administration, Trump also called on the technology industry to help other companies and schools to switch to a system of smart working and distance-learning courses.

“The technology companies at the cutting edge and the major online platforms will play a crucial role in this effort, on-the-deck,” said Michael Kratsios. “The meeting today has outlined an initial path, and we intend to continue this important conversation. This is only the beginning.”