Amazon and eBay have immediately acted against the actions of profiteering that have soon appeared with the explosion of the emergency Coronavirus, but to accommodate this multiplication of ads has become as complex as to contain the outbreaks. TheAntitrust however, could not stay to watch, and has thus launched a warning against the two groups, requesting more information, especially in the midst of some phenomena closely related to the purchase requests of the users more scared.

Amazon and eBay are in the crosshairs of the Antitrust

The Authorities, today, has launched two separate investigations in respect of the platforms Amazon (Amazon uk Customer Service, Amazon Eu, Amazon Service Europe) and Ebay (Ebay Italy and Ebay Gmbh) concerning some of the profiles relating to the marketing of products, sanitizers/disinfectants for hands, masks, respiratory protection, and other sanitation products in the occasion of a healthcare emergency arising from the Covid-19 (c.d. The Corona Virus).

In the viewfinder of theGuarantor Authority for the Competition in the Market, there are both individual goods that are afraid of a few effectiveness against infection (e.g. masks, more or less, and certified effective), but also the increase unjustified prices in the wake of the panic growing.

The investigation would start from a long sequence of signals: “The Authority, in consideration of the particular moment in which the traditional forms of trade are limited, it has at the same time decided to focus its attention on similar phenomena also operated on other platforms and e-commerce“.