NetNewsWire 5.0 has been launched on the Mac in August and now finally arrives on iPhone and iPad. After a period of beta testing the public, the RSS reader is now available for download on the App Store.

NetNewsWire is a name quite well-known in the field of Mac. Brent Simmons has released the first version of the app back in 2002, which was then acquired in 2005 by NewsGator. In 2018, however, Simmons has regained the name NetNewsWire and has released NetNewsWire 5.0 for Mac a year after.

NetNewsWire for iPhone and iPad follows the same principles as the version already released for Mac. It is designed to fit natively on iOS and iPadOS and supports features such as dark Mode, menu shortcuts, multiple windows, Shortcuts, Siri, and much more.

The team of NetNewsWire has also wanted to highlight some of the features:

  • The iPad version has extensive support for keyboard shortcuts, in a manner similar to app for Mac
  • When you read an article, you can scroll to the left to go to the next article
  • To go to the next unread article, tap the button in the center of the bottom toolbar

You can download a free app for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store for free.