Apple has published a new patent that could solve the problem of bending and progressive damage to devices of the folding in time.

Published by the patent and trademark Office of the United States with the title “System with multiple electronic devices,“ the patent describes a technology that allows two or more devices act as a single device when moved closer to one another through the use of proximity sensors.

The patent involves the use of separate devices that automatically detect when they are connected together, and then go out to share the same screen on the screen:

Most electronic devices can be used together in a single system. The electronic devices may use sensors, and other information to detect when the edge of a first electronic device is adjacent to the edge of a second electronic device.

The patent envisions that this technology can be used to create a single flexible device composed of two screens in the perfect communication between them, in a manner analogous to what happens with Surface Duo of Microsoft, although the latter may not be physically divided into two parts.

Smartphones folding are without a doubt the latest trend in the mobile industry and, even if there are rumors that suggest that Apple has plans to release devices with folding in the immediate future, the company is clearly working on the technology.

Of course, we remind you that Apple always records a number of patents, but only a small part of being truly transforms into a product for sale.