How much do you spend Samsung to produce the Galaxy S20 Ultra?

An analysis of all the components used in the Galaxy S20 Ultra of TechInsights labs has provided an estimated production cost of the device.

After analyzing all of the components used within the Galaxy S20 Ultra-powered by Snapdragon 865, estimated that the device costs $ 528,50 To Samsung. The device has a retail price of $ 1.399 in the United States (€ 1379 in Italy), gross sales taxes.

Of all the components used within the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the range of cameras that Samsung is using on the device has a price of $ 107.50 euros, making it the most costly component of the device. This includes the rear camera main 108 MP, a camera selfie, 40 MP, a camera, ToF , and more.

Samsung also includes a system of optical zoom periscope 48 MP on the Galaxy S20 Ultra which further increases the price and complexity of installation. The platform Snapdragon 865 is the second most costly component, and according to reports it costs Samsung $ 81. The huge dbusy OLED from 6.9-inch QHD + 120Hz of the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes in third place, and an estimated cost of $ 67.

galaxy S20 Ultra

Note that the amount of $ 528,50 is the cost to produce a single unit Galaxy S20 Ultra. It does not take account of the billions of dollars that Samsung has spent on research and development in the last years for the device. It also does not include the money spent for marketing, equipment, packaging and other. These are also important aspects, and companies need to take into account these costs when deciding the final retail price of their devices.

Samsung also sells a variant of the 4G Galaxy S20 Ultra in selected markets, with the Exynos chip 990. The total cost to produce the variant of the device based on Exynos should be slightly smaller than its counterpart Snapdragon because of the lack of 5G.

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