Apple is encouraging Apple employees Park to work from home because of the problems of coronavirus

Apple has suggested employees to work from home due to concerns about the outbreak of coronavirus, reports Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

More details on the policy are not clear at this time. Many divisions of Apple could have difficulties to carry out their work remotely in an effective way, which is why this is a recommendation rather than a requirement at this stage. The company has yet to confirm the provisions publicly.

Yesterday, the advice of the department of public health Santa Clara gave instructions to the companies of Silicon Valley to “consider the use of the options of telecommuting for employees“. So, perhaps the report today comes from the implementation by Apple of health guide.

The same notice also said that the companies should reduce to a minimum or delete “large meetings and conferences in person“. Apple has already announced that he will not participate in more at SXSW, where he had scheduled the debut of the previews of the next three programs Apple TV +.

However, the company has not commented on the plan for the WWDC, which typically attracts 5,000 of Apple developers from all over the world for a week-long conference which is held in June.

Apple joins other titans of technology such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to adopt programs to work remote in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Italy so far, there are 5.883 cases and 233 deaths. All over the world, it is believed that the number of cases has exceeded 100,000.