Vodafone Special Unlimited 8 is the new offering winback proposal to some former customers through a campaign SMS. But have no fear: you can say goodbye to adjustments, at least for the next 3 years (the last was only a few days ago and projected to increase up to 4.98 euros).

The peculiarity of this offer lies in the very text of the message, through which the same operator announces a “Price locked in for 36 months“. The fee will be activated in the participating stores within the next march 11, 2020, unless extended, making the portability of the telephone number which sent the SMS.

The offer has a monthly fee of 8 euros debit credit remaining, and includes:

  • Calls: unlimited Minutes towards all national numbers in fixed and mobile
  • SMS: Unlimited calls to all national numbers
  • Internet: 50 GIGS of data traffic in 4G connectivity

The activation fee, as specified in the dedicated page (link in SOURCE), is free of charge. The cost of the SIM, however, will be equal to 1 euro. More information and the activation in Vodafone shops participating. Below the text of the SMS message sent to former clients.

Back in Vodafone, PRICE LOCKED in FOR 36 MONTHS! Only for you 50 Gigs in 4G, minutes and unlimited SMS to all 8 euro per month; cost of SIM and activation of 1 euro. For details on additional costs in case of use go on voda.en/wb13 or call the toll-free number 800 034 663. Come in our stores by the end of the 11/03 to activate the offer.