Even if the iPhone 9 has reached the final phase of testing before final production, some delays in delivery of components might force Apple to postpone the launch in the second quarter of the year.

iphone 9 2020

As reported by DigiTimes, in these hours, Apple would have decided to postpone the launch of the iPhone 9 (or iPhone IF 2) from the first to the second quarter of the year for shortages of certain components and the PCB. The producers of PCG flexible and logic boards based in Taiwan are in fact experiencing problems in complying with the orders of Apple, precisely because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Up to now, most of the sources have spoken of a launch of this iPhone economic scheduled for 31 march, but apparently Apple could decide to postpone the launch of some weeks, just to ensure a good availability of parts.

The device is expected to cost 399$ in the United States.