Some day on WhatsApp is available in Dark Mode for iOS and Android – here’s our guide on how to activate it on the iPhone – so now the only service to be an orphan is WhatsApp Web. Find out how to enable this mode also on PC and Mac!

If you have the desire and the need to use the dark mode to WhatsApp on computer, we can tell you that there is a simple way to enable it on the condition that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Apparently, also on WhatsApp Web the dark mode is there, but it is still hidden, waiting to be activated officially with some update in the future. If you are curious to try it and don’t want to wait for the official release, you can follow our complete guide that you can find on TEEECH.EN.

WhatsApp Web dark mode

The only drawback is that you can currently activate only if you use browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, exactly as we said a little while ago, so if you only use the Safari browser at the moment you can’t exploit it. However no one forbids you to use one of the supported browsers with your favorite browser, such as Safari for those who have Mac, so to use WhatsApp Web with dark mode.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried to follow our guide and if you like the new dark mode on WhatsApp Web.