Apple warns employees of the shortage of iPhone replacement due to the coronavirus

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is currently informing its retail stores that might be deficiencies, not only iPhone reparation, but also individual parts, that may extend at least for the next month.

The report says that Apple has informed the technical support staff in retail stores that the supply of some iPhone replacement may be limited for the next two to four weeks. These are the iphones that Apple offers to customers when they bring a device that can not be repaired.

To combat this problem, Apple is saying to the employees of the technical assistance that it can ship the iPhone replacement to affected customers and “provide devices on loan to fight the delays.“

But in addition to the constraints for the same iPhone, Apple is also experiencing a shortage of supply of the individual parts of the iPhone. When possible, the company replaces the individual parts rather than entire iPhone units. This is particularly common for the screen repairs.

Bloomberg suggests that these deficiencies are a sign that the epidemic of coronavirus is putting a strain on the supply chain,“Apple said.

The lack of repair parts of iPhone is one of the first visible effects of the virus on the operations of the giant of Cupertino. The company began to experience shortages for the iPad Pro, as reported recently by Bloomberg News, while the supply of iPhone 11 began to descend slightly at the international level.

Yesterday, it was reported that Apple has restricted the travel of employees in Italy and South Korea. The company is also alerting employees to take into account the possibility of virtual meetings when possible, and that it is focusing on the deep cleaning in the retail stores. Apple is also by temporarily closing some stores in Italy due to the problems of coronavirus.

Via | 9to5Mac