Almost all models of iPad Pro are unavailable in the online store and in Apple’s retail Stores of the major cities in the United States, canada, Australia and Europe. Is going to get the new model?

iPad Pro 2020

As reported by Mark Gurman of Boomberg, at the moment, the iPad Pro are very hard to find in the Apple Store of the major cities not only in Usa but also in Europe and Australia. Also online, the waiting time increase day after day.

Some employees of Apple stores have said they have noticed an inventory reduced in the last week, usually a sign of the fact that the company is about to release a new model. However, it is not excluded that this shortage of iPad Pro has been linked to the coronavirus and the fact that many factories in China are working more in the middle of the service.

According to Gurman, however, there is a good chance that Apple will present new models by the end of march, with a design similar to the iPad Pro 2018, but with form as the triple-camera detection and 3D to offer new experiences in AR.