Foxconn plans to resume normal production by the end of march

Since the impacts of the coronavirus on the enterprises remain unclear, Foxconn is trying to appease its partners announcing today that it plans to resume normal production at full capacity in China by the end of march.

Foxconn remains the primary manufacturer of the iPhone models to high end. While the parts come from all over the world, the final assembly of the iPhone more expensive, takes place in its factories, so it is a great news for Apple.

“Today, the recovery of production has reached 50% of the capacity to seasonal demand. On the basis of the current programme, we will be able to reach the full capacity seasonal by the end of march, “ said Foxconn.

In addition to the production of the current models, the spring period is of fundamental importance for the Apple iPhone next generation, which will be sold to customers in the fall (usually September). Typically, in this period the engineers at Apple are working with Foxconn to optimize the prototypes and to consolidate the production lines for mass production at the end of the summer.

It is not clear how much of this process has been delayed by the situation of the coronavirus. Recent reports suggest that theiPhone 12 it should still be on track for launch in the September period, but may be available initially only in limited quantities.

Foxconn has reduced its forecasts of revenue for 2020 at the beginning of February after they have imposed strict quarantines in its main base in China to protect themselves from the epidemic of the coronavirus. The manufacturer had stated previously that the viral outbreak had had an “impact on the rather limited production of the iPhone“, but by then the virus is spread in 70 countries and is responsible for 90,000 of these infections and 3,000 deaths, most of which have occurred in China.