Apple has already demonstrated that among his future projects could be part of a ring smart – style Amazon Echo Loop to get an idea of the product category. Indications in this sense have emerged at the end of last year with the publication of a patent obtained from the house of Cupertino and is always a patent, which does return the current hypothesis.

With respect to the model imagined a few months ago, what they speak of now has the peculiarity of not be formed from a single body of fixed size, but by a mechanical structure that allows to extend the length, covering a portion of more or less wide of the finger.

The tensile structure is likely to offer in the first place, more space available for housing the sensors. The patent hypothesizes the possibility to equip the ring of ultrasonic sensors, optical touch, as well as those that can detect how much the finger is bent – a piece of information that you could use to adjust accurately the performance of specific gestures.

No shortage of variants of the project that require the integration of key rotating and other input tools integrated directly on the ring main.

In the patent it is stated that the data collected from the sensors integrated in the ring are transmitted via wireless to an external device. It would thus be a kind of device to use to control other electronic products – not necessarily a smartphone, it could also be a g-AR, another project of which we speak now for many months.

As it is always advisable to remember in the case of patents, there is not certainty that a commercial product similar to the one shown will never see the light. You can only take note of interest in this regard on the part of the house of Cupertino that is still alive today: the patent application has been filed with the USPTO on the 7th of February, and the publication took place today (3rd march).