Closes the factory camera modules for the iPhone because of the coronavirus

LG Innotek, a provider of modules for cameras for the iPhone, has closed one of its factories after a worker is result positive for coronavirus. Located in Gumi, South Korea, the factory is located near Daegu, the city in which they were found more cases of coronavirus in the South Korea. A company official said that the facility will be closed on Monday for cleanup.

The report also mentions that Samsung was also forced to close one of its factories in Gumi because of a worker infected. The factory will not reopen until Tuesday.

LG Innotek is a major supplier for Apple and it remains uncertain if the factory will reopen or not Tuesday. If not there will be further delays, it is unlikely to have impacts on the production of the iPhone.

Only a few days ago, Tim Cook has given an interview to Fox Business in which he expressed optimism for the return of things to normal. Regarding China, Cook said: “it seems that China is controlling the coronavirus“. Apple has even begun sending packages of assistance to people affected in the provinces of Hubei and Wenzhou in China.