Amazon has announced compatibility with HomeKit of its router Wi-Fi mesh line eero, among the most popular ever in the context of connectivity in the home and business.

amazon eero

The systems Wi-Fi mesh eero allow you to replace the router and extend the coverage of the Wi-Fi in every corner of the house, without interruption of the signal, thus reducing the areas without access. The installation is very fast and automatic updates of the software ensure a higher level of security in the course of time. The software TrueMesh of eero offers the possibility to add all the devices you need to have a coverage without breaks in the signal. TrueMesh is, in fact, able to maintain the connections between the devices, optimize the routing of data and address in an intelligent way traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and signal interruptions.

Two versions are available:

  • eero is the option with the most affordable price and offers a free Wi-Fi internet access simple and reliable for the viewing of streaming content, gaming and working from home.
  • eero Pro option is the most powerful, with radio frequencies tri-band, and offers a better connection in every room of the house, in the garden.

After the installation, you can take advantage of the app eero to manage the network, pause the Internet connection, share network with your friends and guests, and much more, even far away from home. With regard to the safety, eero constantly checks for the presence of threats, and automatically sends updates to protect the network, devices, and the home. If it were to be detected an element of vulnerability, eero would be able to update quickly and automatically all the online systems.

Safety is improved even more thanks to the support for HomeKit Apple. This allows you to manage the router directly from the app Home on iOS, and have an additional firewall protection for all the accessories that are supported, in a way that does not activate any unwanted communications.

In the app Home on our iPhone, iPad or Mac we will be able to customize the security level of the connection for each accessory is compatible with HomeKit. The safest option will ensure that the accessory can interact with HomeKit is only through our Apple devices.

These should be the three levels of security which you can choose:

  • Limited to the app Home: the safest. Our accessory will only interact with HomeKit through our Apple devices. The accessory will not connect to the Internet or to any local device, and therefore any third-party services, such as firmware upgrades, may be blocked.
  • Automatic: default security. The accessory can communicate with HomeKit and connections recommended by the manufacturer.
  • No restrictions: that is not safe. This setting overrides the “secure router” and allows the accessory to interact with any device in the network or any Internet-based service.

With support for HomeKit, the initial configuration process will be easy and quick.

The devices eero are available starting from 109€.