Eero, WiFi mesh acquired by Amazon last February and already available for purchase in Italy by a few months, is now also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

One of the advantages of this type of solutions is, in fact, to ensure coverage of the optimal network in the space is also very large (due to their modular nature), precisely on the ability to improve the experience of the smart home and to keep up to date, to increase the performance, the use options and those related to safety.

And the integration with Apple HomeKit goes precisely in this direction, offering the possibility to protect the devices connected to HomeKit , and to manage permissions. The system eero is able to screen through a firewall, each of the accessories HomeKit supported, preventing these to communicate with other devices connected to the home network and Internet services are not authorized.

You can also change and customize the settings of the security of each accessory, HomeKit, according to their own preferences. How? Just use the Apple apps Home on your iOS device to be able to select, in relation to each accessory, one of the three different levels of security:

  • Automatic: allow an accessory to communicate with devices and services approved by the manufacturer, preventing access by non-authorised persons.
  • Restricted to the Home: allows an accessory to communicate only with HomeKit on Apple devices. It will be possible to manage your accessories through the app, Apple Home, but this may reduce some functionality, such as firmware updates.
  • No restriction: allows the accessory to communicate with every device in the home and each web site or Internet service, as other devices connected on the home network.

Integration with HomeKit must first be configured through a simple step: you just have to open the app eero for iOS and select the tab Discover to begin the configuration, by adding your devices and eero to the app Home and and set up then the safety of each of the accessories that are enabled for HomeKit.

This new feature is supported by all devices, eero and eero Pro with eeroOS 3.18.0 or later, and can be configured using eero iOS app 3.1.0 or later.

Of course, to be able to enjoy, in addition to a device eero you will need to have also an iPhone or iPad and a HomePod, or an Apple TV or an iPad configured as the Home Hub.

shim.gif Present you with the router/extender mesh Wi-Fi Amazon eero


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shim.gif We introduce you to the system Wi-Fi mesh Amazon eero – package-3 devices


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shim.gif Present you with the router/extender mesh Wi-Fi Amazon eero Pro


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shim.gif We introduce you to the system Wi-Fi mesh Amazon eero Pro – package-3 devices


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Comment by Samsung – Despite the update which introduces support for Apple’s HomeKit, we wish to clarify that the system of Mesh Routers does not seem to add anything to what we already are in the trade for years and made by Netgear (Orbi), Google (Wi-Fi), D-Link, Tp-Link, Asus and other companies. The new Router eero are not in fact Wi-Fi 6, have a better coverage, take advantage of technologies not brand new and have a price not particularly competitive. Waiting you can still try to understand any potential software, difficult to prefer them to other similar solutions already affordable prices even lower (and not just).