Apple Maps: Look Around get to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington

The new function Look Around Apple’s Maps was recently released in three other U.s. cities, including Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Introduced in iOS 13, Look Around it is an interactive way to visually explore a city with 3D images at street level, similar to Google Street View. The function is also available in the Bay of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Houston and the hawaiian island of Oahu, with other locations that will be added in the near future.

look around

In an area where it is available Look Around, you will see an icon in the shape of a pair of binoculars in the top right corner of Apple Maps. Look Around also appears in the search results for a city supported, below the buttons Flyover and Directions.

look around

When we are in the mode to Look Around, touching the display we can move around in the area, while touching in a point far away, we are transported quickly to the selected point in a more fluid and engaging than Google Street View.

To orient ourselves in the mode to Look Around, the points of interest such as bars, restaurants, parks and the like, are identified by icons floating. Note, however, that it is possible to zoom in on only the areas where vehicles can access since the data is Look Around they are collected by cars with cameras to 360 degrees.