Google has released the first Developer Preview version of Android’s 11 in the evening yesterday (HERE all the news continuously updated) and the community is immediately activated to detect functionality that is not immediately documented. Among the more interested parties there are several references to a feature that would allow to take advantage of the mode of the wireless charging reverse and that could be part of the standard equipment of the upcoming smartphone Pixels. Clues in this sense, emerge from the Android code 11 DP. In more detail, according to reports from XDA:

  • In SettingsGoogle (the Settings app of the Pixels), there is a new task called “Battery Share
  • Even if it is not expressly refer to the terms “charge inverse” or “wireless charging reverse”, the description that accompanies the function (and even its name) is quite eloquent: he expressly says that the battery will be exhausted more quickly by activating the Battery Share to recharge compatible devices such as headphones, headsets, smartwatch, and other smartphones
  • It also appears to be a function introduced by Google to its Pixels and not a generic implementation AOSP: the task name is preceded by the words “” and not “” – the first usually identifies functions that have been developed in the first person by Google
  • Then there are the last two clues that suggests that the mode of wireless charging reverse can be supported by the Pixels 5: examining the Java code of the function BatteryShare emerged a string that specifies that the function can not be used if you enable the wireless charging of the battery and last the reference to “redfin” in the match of the string “config_device_model_name”. According to previous rumors, redfin is the code name of the Pixel 5.

The identikit hardware of the next range of smartphones Pixels must still be raised: a few days ago Pixel 5 is mentioned for the first time from a source that can be considered official (an employee of Google), while previously was published on the first alleged render. Are the clues still fragmentary before the launch that, except surprises, will take place not before next autumn.