Apple has activated the information on the routes of public transport in some european countries such as France, Spain and Germany.

Apple Maps Transit

The update is of the progressive type, then the information on the schedules and routes of public transportation could cover many more areas, including Italy, in the next few days. Apple Maps Transit provides routes, departure times, and other relevant data for buses, trains, ferries and other means of public transport.

All this while Apple is preparing to bring the maps more detailed than even in Europe, after the official launch in the United States. The information on the routes of public transport have made their debut in the USA five years ago and now they are going to get in the whole of Europe: “We decided to create the app of maps better and more secure planet, which reflects the way in which people travel in the world today,“ said the senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Apple, Eddy Cue. “We have invested a lot to improve the app and rebuild the maps from scratch, so as to improve the life of people travelling to the work place, at school or during a vacation. All, in full respect of privacy. We can’t wait to bring these new maps also in Europe by the end of the year“.

Drive Apple Maps have been seen in Italy and in all Europe during the 2019, a sign that the company has worked hard to create a new mapping, that, except surprises, will be available at the end of 2020.