The iPhone 12 might not use the antenna 5G is designed by Qualcomm

As reported by Fast Company, citing a source with knowledge of the company’s plans, Apple is planning the antenna module that will be used internally in its iPhone 12 because it was not satisfied with the version designed by Qualcomm.

According to the report, Apple “opposed” to the design of the module of theantenna QTM 525 5G millimetre-wave offered by Qualcomm because it “does not fit the industrial design, the elegant Apple wants for the new phone“.

iPhone 12

Qualcomm will provide, however, the chip modem 5G used in the new iPhone, but the antenna module will be developed by Apple.

Apple, however, is working on another design that uses the Qualcomm modem and antenna Qualcomm as a backup, then Apple has the option to upgrade to a version of the iPhone that uses both components of Qualcomm, but if forced to do so, Apple will release an iPhone slightly more often.

As stressed by Fast Company, Apple has experienced problems with the antennas designed internally previously. The iPhone 4, for example, had an antenna design that caused problems when they were covered the antennas in the iPhone. The source of Fast Company says that another recent project of antenna Apple has required twice the power compared to the antennas are comparable to produce the same amount of radio signal“.

The creation of antennas 5G networks, mmWave is more difficult than the creation of other types of antennas because they send and receive signals at a higher frequency, leaving less space for errors. The performance of the 5G also depend on the antenna design.

The iPhone 2020 with 5G will use an antenna “phased array” with two parts that work together to form a radius of the radio signal, as described by Fast Company, that could cause problems if the antenna and the modem module are manufactured by different companies.
The beam can be oriented electronically in a different direction that the antenna moves. The chip of the modem and the antenna module are working closely to make it work properly, said our source. Make sure that the two parts are manufactured by different companies can cause uncertainty and increase the level of difficulty of the project overall.
According to reports, Apple wants to use their antennas both for design reasons and because the company wants the least number of parts to Qualcomm in the iPhone can.

Several rumors in the past, have claimed that Apple is working on the development of its chip modem to be used in future iPhone, but that technology is not ready yet and until it does it will be, Apple will be relying on chip modem 5G Qualcomm. The iPhone maker has purchased the business of chip modem Intel after its exit from the market of the development of chip modem furniture, which could accelerate the work of Apple in the development of its own technology of chip.

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It is expected that Apple will release four models of the iPhone 5G in 2020, with chip modem X55 5G Qualcomm, which offers download speeds of the peak of 7Gb / s and upload speeds of 3Gb / s.