YouTube has decided to stop the purchase through the App Store in the subscriptions YouTube TV. A choice that retraces the footsteps of Netflix, which already has disabled in-app purchases on iOS.

youtube tv

YouTube TV is a streaming video service available in the United States that allows you to view dozens of channels and other premium content. Until today, users could subscribe to YouTube TV directly from the iOS app, but from march this will not be possible.

Starting from 13 march, YouTube TV will no longer accept payments via in-app purchase with Apple. Users who have enabled auto-renewal in-app will then have to confirm the subscription directly from the YouTube site dedicated to the service.

You will be charged a final month of service, then the in-app subscription will be automatically cancelled on the next billing date to march 13, 2020.

It is likely that YouTube have made this choice to avoid having to pay commission to Apple. For every in-app purchase for a subscription, Apple holds, in fact, a percentage of 30% for the first 12 months and 15% for subsequent periods.

The YouTube app the TV will, however, delete all references to the registration and to purchase subscriptions outside of the app, because Apple does not allow you to connect the user to purchase options outside the app itself.

At a functional level, nothing will change and users will be able to continue to see the content of the YouTube TV on all Apple devices.