YouTube TV no longer support the subscriptions made through the App Store

YouTube has started to send out emails to customers that are subscribed to its service, YouTube TV via the Apple App Store, letting them know that registration will be stopped in march.

In a statement, YouTube said that Apple “continues to be an important partner“, but it is not entered in the details on the reasoning behind this change.

“YouTube TV no longer supports in-app purchases on iOS,“ said a spokeswoman for YouTube in a note. “Apple continues to be an important partner for YouTube, and our users can still enjoy their favorite content on all iOS devices.”

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the latest subscription service to abandon the billing Apple. It is also adopting a more aggressive approach compared to other forcing existing customers to change their billing settings. For example, Netflix has cancelled the subscription billing in-app on iOS last year, but only for new customers.

More and more companies are skeptical on the revenue to Apple through the App Store. Apple charges a 30% commission in the first year of a subscription sales via the App Store, but that commission drops to 15% after a year. Moving all customers from billing on the App Store, YouTube will no longer have to share the revenue of YouTube to TV with Apple.