Change is in the air in the house Wind Three. The company is committed to introduce a unique brand in the consumer market is not news, rumors, in this sense, emerged at the beginning of the year, indicating a debut of the new brand in February and march 2020. These predictions are strengthened as a result of the sighting at thePatents and Trademarks Office of the Italian of a series of requests for registrations of marks , which dates back to 3 last February: to be forwarded has been VIP-CKH Luxembourg S. à.r.l. (CK Hutchison), which is the company that controls Wind Three. More specifically, it is of the brands:

  • W3 (with the words WindTre at the bottom)
  • Wind&Me
  • Wave
  • Trend
  • Peope

All trademarks mentioned are currently under consideration by the organization in charge of – so this is not about trademarks already registered. The first (W3 ved. the first image in the gallery above) is the one that arouses greater interest, since that seems to be suitable to represent the unique brand chosen by the group.

The latest news about the reorganisation of the trademarks of Wind Three do not stop here: continuing the search in the website of the Trademark Office and Italian Patent, we note noticed two other trademarks from the same company:

  • Very Mobile
  • Vual√† Mobile

In this case, the registration procedure is at a more advanced stage: the question dates back to 7 November last year and is waiting for the expiration of the period of enforceability.

The trademark Very Mobile you know something more, thanks to the sighting network of sites and (probably dedicated to the customer area of the operator), from which emerged the first confirmation (through examination of the html code) that this would be the second brand of Wind Three – that is, a virtual operator that could compete with the various Kena Mobile and I have.Mobile – and the image with the logo, this time colored (is located at the address

As mentioned in the opening, the news on the trademarks Wind Three could arrive in time for the upcoming spring and the new clues support the hypothesis.