The official video game of the Olympic Games will be available on the App Store from the 7th may 2020.

Sonic ai Giochi Olimpici

Pre-registrations start today, and based on the number of players that will make will unlock different rewards that will be available to all at launch. Here is the complete list of objectives:

  • The 100,000 pre-registrations will unlock the music track “Ocean View” is from Team Sonic Racing;
  • The 300,000 pre-registrations will unlock training points that can be used to unlock events and special abilities;
  • The 500,000 pre-registrations will unlock the badge Miraitowa, the mascot of the Tokyo 2020;
  • If pre-registrations exceed quota of 500,000, will be added to other rewards that will be announced later!

Sonic at the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 is the official title for mobile devices, the Olympic Games, and has as protagonists the characters of the series Sonic The Hedgehog. You will be able to live well 15 olympic disciplines, including some, like karate and sport climbing, that they make their own debut in Tokyo 2020. Do not miss the “extra events” which will contain surprises that come directly from the Sonic universe. The game will support online leaderboards that will allow players of all nations to compete against each other in search of the glory.