The iPhone 12 5G may or may not support uplink MIMO 2 × 2

According to the latest report from Ming-Chi Kuo,theiPhone 12 5G Apple may not support uplink 2 × 2 as originally planned.

Kuo had previously suggested that the iPhone 12 5G would have supported uplink MIMO 2 × 2, which means potentially a maximum speed of upload is slightly faster. This was part of a report that stated that the iPhone 12 will have used up to six power amplifiers for better connectivity. In a new report, Kuo says that probably the new devices it will include only one or at most two.

iPhone 12 5G

When it comes to 5G, MIMO refers to huge inputs and multiple outputs, which cover the antennas on the transmitter and on the receiver. This provides a better productivity and a better spectral efficiency.

This reduces the theoretical maximum speed of upload. However, if the restriction will be noticed in the real world strongly depends on the infrastructure of the carrier. Since most of the implementations of 5G are still relatively new, it is possible that a user with a compatible device, 2 × 2 does not see any obvious difference in the upload speed.