The popularity of Chrome makes the Web Store of the browser Google one of the most interesting for all those who want to hit the privacy of the users, despite the efforts of Big G. to make Chrome a more secure (see Chrome 80).

According to a new report released by Duo Security – all the details are in the SOURCE – it seems that different groups of attackers have just used this means to steal data and information from unsuspecting users, by making use of Chrome extensions, suitably modified for this purpose.

The research highlights how they have been identified and removed more than 500 extensions , thanks to the collaboration between Duo Security and Google. The research group that carried out the analysis has identified 70 extensions fraudulent that has escaped the checks of the store, and this has enabled Google to remove them and find other 430, they, too, promptly deleted.

The extensions in question – that have been used by over 1.7 million users – used all the same code at the end to steal the navigation data of the victim in order to upload them on external server. This information could then be used to profile the user and to insert it within the circles of advertisements that are leveraged to make more phishing attacks and not only.

In short, best to pay particular attention to the extensions, remembering to always check the reliability before installing a new one.