Also Microsoft Surface Duo has made an appearance during the Microsoft 365 Developer Day, an event focused on Windows 10X and on the implementation of the app for devices with two screens. On the other hand, even if it is based on Android and not on the OS of Microsoft, conceptually, it is a Surface flaw of a more compact size. Unfortunately, however, things were not entirely smooth: the software aspect is still clearly in development phase. The result was a live demo fail, as they say.

The crash occurred when Kevin Gallen (responsible for the Windows Developer Platform) has sought to expand Google Maps on both screens. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the Rooster has replaced the fold with an identical one that was in his pocket and managed to complete the operation on the app of Google maps, but shortly after there was another crash, always related to the movement of app between one screen and another.

This is what we saw in the live broadcast streaming: in the video posted after the event, however, the episode was replaced with a re-recording in which everything goes smoothly. Rafael Rivera, Windows developer and contributor to Thurrott, has posted on its YouTube channel a comparison between the two movies. Reminds a bit the one time that Apple released a commercial for iPhone X where you saw a bug with the aesthetic of iOS 11 (the video was taken offline and replaced with a correct one). It is worthwhile to point out that Microsoft itself reports that “some of the demonstrations have been updated after the event”.

Regardless of the technical problem, is understandable especially if it is estimated that we are still many months away from release on the market (Microsoft has indicated the next Christmas), the video is a valuable material because we can observe, for the first time from an official source, the real device in action. During the presentation of October had been shown only for simulations, while a few days ago has begun to circulate on the net a clip unofficial shot in the subway. All the videos of the event are available by following the SOURCE link below – Surface Duo appears in the first, titled simply “Microsoft 365 Developer Day”, starting from minute 9:45 approximately.