Apple has released a new update to the app Shazam, which adds a new function dedicated to the search of the content.

shazam update

Shazam is one of the popular applications available on the App Store, which was acquired by Apple about a year ago. With this app you can discover the name and artist of any song, simply by using the built-in microphone of the iPhone.

The new update released by Apple adds the “Search” button on the right of the main screen of Shazam, that can be used to search for artists, songs and lyrics.

You have in mind a song? Now you can find an artist or a song by tapping the new Search button in the main screen. Don’t remember the title or the name? Try it with the words of the text!

The Search key replaces the camera icon present up to now in the same position, thanks to which it was possible to scan an image with the logo of Shazam or QR Code to discover new content (such option was launched in 2015 in collaboration with Disney, the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and other partners). The camera function has been removed from the app.

By tapping the new search icon, you will open a new dedicated interface where you can search and play desired songs starting with the name of the artist, by the name of the song or from the text. Subscribers to Apple’s Music will start playback of the entire song directly from Shazam.

Apple has also updated the app Shazam Encore, which is now free. This app cost 3,29€ and it was the version of Shazam without advertising. Since Apple has removed the advertisements also Shazam the base, it made no sense to continue to have the version Encore to the payment. The two apps are identical and we wonder that Apple has done this down long ago.