Quick Look: Apple improves the function offering new purchase options

Apple is improving its functionality “Quick Look” of augmented reality designed to allow users to see in augmented reality the products they intend to buy directly from their homes.

As reported by TechCrunch, companies can not only use the new button in the Quick Look, to allow customers to make purchases through Apple Pay, but they can also put off a user to a support chat or make a number of other options.

Quick Look

During the navigation in sites such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Bang & Olufsen , and 1-800-Flowers, customers will now see the options to make purchases and learn more about a product during the preview mode AR.

Apple has added the feature of browsing Quick Look at the Safari in 2018 and on the sites that have implemented it, it adds a button to place a 3D object in a room so that the size, shape, and other features can be displayed in a preview before making the purchase.

Apple has introduced the new tools of connection and button, in iOS 13, and he has shown in the preview at WWDC, but dealers have just started to incorporate the new features.

By the end of the year, Apple is expected to further enhance Quick Look with a feature spatial audio, which is included in the beta version of iOS 13.4. The spatial audio will allow to the shopping sites and other sites which use augmented reality on Safari, to add audio to the experience.