The auction for the very rare (if not unique) prototype for the Nintendo PlayStation, announced last December, has already reached incredible figures.

Managed by the web auction house Heritage Auctions, which in the past has already dealt with the sale of memorabilia from gaming, and the prices stratospheric, the auction for the field prototype will end in 21 days (march 5) and at the moment the highest bid is equal to $ 350,000, a figure reached in a very short time.

Who will be able, therefore, to win the precious object? Among the candidates running, without a shadow of a doubt emerges the name of Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR, with some of his tweets openly declares to be very interested to get our hands on this very rare prototype was born in the period when Sony and Nintendo decided to collaborate.

Even if the partnership between the two giants games, lasted for a very brief period of time, the idea was to create together a new console that is able to read the games both on cartridge and on CD. The announcement of this collaboration would take place in 1991 with the presentation of the platform “NES-CD”. The partnership, however, did not last long, and the project was cancelled. From the ashes of the “NES-CD” the Japanese giant decided to create its first PlayStation.

In the source we leave you the link to the website of the house of online auctions Heritage Auctions to follow “live” the unfolding of the offers.