Lenovo will officially enter in the field of smartphone gaming , and it will be with the brand “Legion”, is well known for its laptops and gaming peripherals. The hypothesis that emerged last December in response to the activation of the account, Weibo, official, becomes, therefore, a certainty with the recent release of a teaser for the opera of the same social profile.

Android smartphone, Lenovo Legion is getting ready to debut, and seems not to want to compromise, regarding the power calculation. Inside there will be the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the current flagship model of the giant californian, also adopted by Xiaomi for the new range I 10, fresh presentation.

Beyond this confirmation, they are not leaked any other details on the device, however, we expect that it can combine a large part of the latest news in the smartphone industry, as a display frequency equal to or higher than 90Hz, the memories UFS 3.1 and the RAM modules LPDDR5.

Lenovo is usual to anticipate most of the features via its social media profiles, we expect to learn new information in a short time on what will be the first top of the range from the game of the chinese company.