That Instagram is one of social’s most successful in recent years is what to note, however, the growth of the other competitors, TikTok in the first place, would be pushing Facebook Inc. to continuously improve the platform. In view of the nature similar and different at the same time TikTok and Instagram, we have seen how sometimes the changes in test find inspiration in each other, but this time the news unearthed from the developer Jane Manchun Wong has nothing to do with this and looms as anunprecedented change in the way to view the content in the feed of the popular social photo.

Famous for his ability to analyze the code and find features unpublished in development, this time Jane has identified a new display section of the feed, aimed at the consultation of the most recent content appeared in our absence. Here it is visible in your screen shared on Twitter by the developer:

The function is not yet active , but, as has already happened in the past, is very likely to be in development, with a view to future introduction. Unlike the current view, which allows you to scroll the new content of the feed up to the appearance of the warning “you do Not have new content to see”, in the new version there seems to be the intention to direct the user to a specific window, where you easily find the recent posts of most interest. At the moment it is not possible to establish what criteria will be applied for the selection of content and in what order of time will be proposed.

Techcrunch has contacted the team of Instagram to receive confirmation or otherwise of this change, but without results, however, the past teaches us that many of the changes hunted by Jane Manchun Wong went on to become actual in the months to come, so we can only wait for the next updates to find out.