In the future, Apple could release an Apple Watch modular

TheApple Watch is one of the wearable devices the most popular available, in part thanks to its elegant and compact design and its functionality. However, the small device is built in such a way as to make it difficult to add new functionality, leaving the user to update the whole device if you want new items.

In a patent application entitled “modular System for watches” and published by the Office for patents and trademarks in the United States, reveals how one day, Apple could offer users the ability to swap and replace modules on your Apple Watch to change the functionality.

Apple Watch

Rather than allow users to open the Apple Watch, Apple suggests the use of a variety of modules that can be attached to the back of the device. This actually helps to eliminate any possibility that the Apple Watch itself lose its capacity of water resistance.

It will be possible to mount the module on the back of the Apple Watch, connected by a variety of different mechanisms. By placing on the back, the form will be kept in position by the tension of the watch is pulled by the strap against the wrist of the user, helping to secure further the add-in. It also mentions a possible “watertight“, that could help maintain the integrity of the elements between the module and the clock.

Apple Watch

To enable the new components to offer extra functionality to the Apple Watch, there must be connections in which the module is able to communicate openly or to transfer electrical energy with the main body. This may be through the use of a pin pogo, a pin spring-loaded that can provide pressure against a plate to establish a physical connection.

Apple has numerous patent applications on a weekly basis, but while the existence of a patent indicates areas of interest for research efforts and development of the company, there is no guarantee that the concepts appear in a product or service in the future.