HomePod is square to the sixth place in the global market, the speakers are intelligent in Q4 2019

According to the latest estimates from Strategy Analytics, Apple has shipped 2.6 million HomePod in the last quarter of 2019, gaining 4.7 percent of the global market of speakers the smart. The company has recorded an increased of 65% compared to the 1.6 million units shipped and a market share of 4,1% of the quarter of the previous year.

Despite the growth year-over-year, Apple has remained at the sixth place behind companies such as Amazon, Google and a group of chinese companies.

Market leader Amazon has distributed 15.8 million devices Echo, winning a share of 28.3% of the market, compared to 13.7 million units shipped in 2018. Google, which sells a range of powered speakers from the technology, Google Home, has shipped 13.9 million units, capturing a market share of 24.9% durations the same period, up 20% year-on-year.


The global market speaker smart is up 44.7 percent , with 55.7 million of shipments and the total, compared to 38.5 million shipped in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Strategy Analytics says that it expects that the 2020 will be another record year for sales of speakers to be intelligent, despite the interruption of the supply and demand caused by the coronavirus.

It is not known if Apple will be able to increase shipments of HomePod in 2020, because Strategy Analytics claims that consumers are attracted by the low prices. The HomePod has a price tag of $ 299 in the United States and is available in a limited number of countries.

It is rumored that Apple is working on a low-cost version of its speaker, the smart will be released in 2020. The company hopes that a cheaper version of the HomePod can increase sales, thanks to its reduced price that would compete with the other cheap speakers offered by other providers.