Google Pixels 4 and 4 XL were unveiled only in October, we would expect details on the next generation of top of the range Mountain View would not have been available before late summer, or with the approach of the presumed launch window.

Well, our beliefs have proven to be completely wrong, since in the last time you shared a first render of one of the prototypes of Pixels 5 XL. The image that you see in the opening was published in the latest video of the channel FrontPageTech (link in Source), and portrays the back of one of the 3 models at the moment for consideration at Google.

As suggested by the video author Jon Prosser, it seems that the Big G. is studying 3 different designthen the one shown is not in any way representative of the final design of the smartphone, which will be presented in the fall (provided that Google does not choose this!).

This means that every discussion on the design of the module cameras – now centered and no longer on the side – is completely unnecessary, while we can hypothesize that the presence of the 3 sensors is also common to the other models. Reportedly, it seems that Google is back on his feet and has decided to equip its top of the range of a third camera with a wide-angle lens, in spite of the declarations of last year, they had painted it as an addition superfluous.

But on the other hand the history of the range Pixels is filled with second-guessing, as we were taught the events related to the audio jack (praised and removed in the space of a year), to the notch, and the need to insert at least a second camera. In short, if Google speaks ill of something, we can expect to find it on the next model year, and this first render seems to confirm it once again.