Dreams is finally available to purchase on PlayStation 4. The new effort from Media Molecule, of which we have spoken in the course of our preview – it collects the inheritance of the previous Little Big Planet come out on the PS3 and expands incredibly, offering the players the opportunity to create from scratch the game of their dreams, thanks to a real graphics engine, simplified.

Dreams, in fact, does not confine itself to the default elements, but allows users to realize the asset and 3D objects and share them, so that everyone can use and modify the original creations of the other players.

Of course, Dreams is not only a development platform, but also sharing and access to the experiences of the all-new: even those who are not endowed with a creative spirit (or the desire and time) will dive for Dreams to access a catalog in the continuous updating of games made by the community.

We will discuss considerations and details in the review of Dreams; in the meantime, we leave you the new launch trailer:

shim.gif Dreams – – – PlayStation 4


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