Apple updates Shazam by adding a new feature

Apple has updated the app to identify songs, Shazam, a new feature that allows users to search for content.

The updated version of the app has a new Search button directly on the Home screen that can be used to search for any song, artist or lyrics of the song.

You have in mind a song? You can now tap the new Search button in home screen to search for any artist or song. Can’t remember his name? Instead, try to find it thanks to the text!


By tapping the new search icon that replaces the camera icon opens an interface dedicated search in which the contents can be searched for and then played directly in the app Shazam to those who are subscribers to Apple’s Music. Other features of the app, as the library of tracks Shazam saved and the charts for the major remain unchanged.

In addition to adding search functionality to the app Shazam, Apple has also updated the app Shazam Encore to make it free.

When Apple bought Shazam in 2018, all the ads are being removed from the app making it substantially identical in terms of features, Shazam Encore. For some reason, however, Apple has never made it to the app Encore free.

It has no sense to download the Shazam Encore, if we have the app Shazam standard and would not be surprised to see it discontinued in the future. Shazam and Shazam Encore can both be downloaded for free from the App Store.