False alarm for faithful users to the Android operating system: in the last few hours has been published in the official website android.developer.com on the page devoted to Android 11 Developer Preview, which is the version of the next version of Google’s operating system dedicated to the developers (and who is eager to try it in the preview), which opens the path towards the release of the stable version.

The enthusiasm is short-lived: the references to Android 11 have been removed and returned to the information on Android 10. The screen, which was readily captured, still suggests a debut closer to the program of beta testing of Android 11.

To have a parameter of reference, last year, Google has released the 13th of march the first beta of the Android Q (which would become in the Android 10 in subsequent months). The first signals on the Developer Preview of Android 11, coming from the official source are in line with the hypothesis of a release that could be roughly in the same period.

We still know little about what is new from the next version of Android after Google I did briefly mention on the occasion of the Android Dev Summit 2019, emerged some details on the management of Bluetooth on the programming of the dark theme, and on the removal of the limit of 4GB for video recording. The changes will be much more extensive, but for know all we have to wait.