Amazon has managed to get the hang of the contract by $ 10 billion subscribed by the Pentagon with Microsoft at the end of last year. A u.s. federal judge has decided to accommodate the requests of the giant e-commerce aimed to suspend the contract, JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud), aimed at creating acloud infrastructure at the service of the american armed forces.

The measure has been adopted pending clarification as to whether the pressures of the President of the United States have been decisive for the assignment of the task to Microsoft.To consider the hypothesis was the former secretary of us Defense, James Mattis, pointing out that Donald Trump would be speaking in the first person in the tendering procedure with the intention of disadvantaging the company led by Bezos, which The Donald has no relationships properly idyllic).

Amazon has brought the matter in court in November 2019, and in the last few hours arrived on the stop of the contract until the end of the judicial procedure. The lawyers of Amazon to ask a Trump and the Defense officials to testify in the classroom to shed light on the incident and speak of a procedure carried out with obvious shortcomings, errors and anobvious bias.

The stakes are high, given the competition between Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft in the cloud market; and for the Department of Defense that emphasizes how to delay the integration of the JEDI leads to an economic damage estimated in 5-7 million dollars per month.

JEDI is an infrastructure that is designed for the processing and storage of enormous amounts of confidential data and provides for the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to operations directed by the Department of Defense. According to the original contract, Microsoft would have to occupy the project for a decade, but now is await developments. The Pentagon, meanwhile, says declaring himself saddened by the decision of the court.