At the moment we do not know when it will be available on Apple TV the second season of the Eea, but the cast will be more diverse and will have Adrian Paul among the new players.


Adrian Paul will play a character named Lord Harlan, who is described as “the sovereign of the stronger city of the kingdom.“ This is the only information leaked up to now, together with the fact that this character will have an important role throughout the second season.

Paul is also an actor from the physical imposing, and this suggests that it will participate in several fights body to body.

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The series is set in a distant future where a deadly virus has reduced the human population to “less than two million,” and left blind to all the survivors. For the current population of the vista is now a power almost divine , and talking about it is considered a heresy punishable by death.

Although it lacks an official date, the second season of the Eea should arrive by the end of 2020.